Holistic Uses for Licorice Root

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What does licorice root cure?

Holistic Uses for Licorice Root

Licorice root has been used for hundreds of years to cure a variety of different ailments. Available in both a tea and a capsuled form, licorice root is not to be confused with licorice candy. The root has been used in reducing the symptoms of colds, the flu, athlete's foot, canker sores, chronic fatigue, ulcers, liver problems, yeast infections, bursitis, sore throat, and more. Those familiar with herbal medicine refer to licorice root as the "ultimate cure" due to its hormonal balancing properties. It has also been said that a standard daily regiment of licorice root tea or capsules can help with weight loss due to the cortisol inhibiting properties of the herb. Of course, before you being any licorice root supplementation, check with your doctor or a licensed herbal therapist.



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