Holistic Uses for Cinnamon

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What are a few natural or holistic uses for cinnamon?

Holistic Uses for Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been used for centuries as a medicinal property, including in Chinese medicine. The spice, available in both powdered and oil form, has been said to aid with digestion, lower flu symptoms, and cure athlete's foot. Cinnamon has also been used orally to help with vaginal yeast infections. A few holistic practitioners have even suggested that cinnamon help diabetics control their blood sugar.

While it is important to contact a licensed natural medicine provider before starting a cinnamon regiment, it can be taken a few ways. First, try incorporating cinnamon into your everyday cooking. Next, it can be made or added to a general tonic or tea and taken orally. Essential oils may also be used topically for relief in certain instances. However, be aware that some people have an intense skin allergy to the spice which can cause inflammation and/or discomfort upon topical use.



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