I Love Yoga

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I Love Yoga

So far I’ve attended two out of the seven yoga classes, and I’m sad that I only have five more left. There is a mix of beginners and experts, but the instructor has made the class challenging for both. If you’re like I was and think that yoga is too difficult, you need to give it a try first.

I received a yoga magazine in the mail not too long ago, and the girl on the cover was in the craziest position. Of course, I had to try to do it myself and sure enough I pulled a muscle because I forced my body. However, for yoga you have to have a different mind set. You need to accept where your body is right now—its strength, shape and sense of balance. Although we did simple poses in the first class (including the Warrior, Tree and Bridge), I was pretty sore the next day so it’s definitely stretching my muscles and I must say that those poses feel divine.



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