Stimulate Your Mind

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Stimulate Your Mind

As you age, your mind can deteriorate quickly if you don’t stimulate it. However, by learning some cerebral calisthenics, you can keep your memory intact for longer.

Crossword puzzles, scavenger hunts and number puzzles (Sudoku) might seem juvenile, but these activities engage your brain since you have to pay attention to the details. Also, yoga and meditation can help clear out the cobwebs and focus your mind as well as strengthen your mind/body connection.

Taking time to volunteer at a hospital, animal shelter, school, soup kitchen, etc. is a way to keep up your communication skills. Interacting with people can increase your memory, because you have to remember names and faces.

Simple activities you can do to exercise your mind include learning a second language, playing an instrument and switching hands when you write or talk on the phone.



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