Energizer Bunny

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Energizer Bunny

Quickly increasing your energy with sugar, caffeine, “miracle” drugs isn’t healthy. These quick fixes put stress on your heart and usually cause you to crash later. Then you’re left feeling exhausted and run down. Herbs offer a safer yet effective way to keep your energy going strong.

Siberian Gingseng has a reputation for fighting stress, fatigue and disease. So if you want to boost your energy and immunity, this is the complete package. Plus, it can be conveniently taken in tea, capsule or tablet form. Another option is olive leaf extract, which is an antioxidant that takes care of those free radicals. Not only does this protect you from colds, it also increases cardiovascular circulation. For days when you feel like you can’t keep your eyes open, try centella asiatica.

When you have a busy lifestyle, maintaining your energy level is important, but you also have to incorporate the basics such as adequate sleep and a balanced diet.



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