Don't Get SAD

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Don't Get SAD

Exercising in the morning is a good motivational technique in preparation of venturing outdoors in the blustering wind, cold rain or whatever else Mother Nature might use to discourage us. The only tricky part is staying out of bed. Here are some tips on how to start your day:

1. Coffee lovers – preset your coffee the night before so the aroma of it persuades you to get out of bed;

2. Be brave – once you hear your alarm, rip your covers off like a bandage and head to the kitchen for a power breakfast;

3. Get clean – rinse your face with cool water and brush your teeth, so you feel more awake.

Once a routine is established, waking up won’t seem like such a chore. Incorporating exercise into your morning routine will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated, especially if you’re affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The Seasonal Affective Disorder Association estimates that half a million people every winter are affected by SAD, which is associated with depression, lethargy, over eating, weakened immune system and over sleeping. Causes of SAD are thought to be the lack of exposure to natural light during the winter months; Mayo Clinic noticed SAD is more common in people living in northern states, which are places that experience decreased daylight for months at a time. But exercising can help you cope.

Exercising on a regular basis can help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can accentuate SAD. Also being in shape, helps you feel better about yourself and lightens your mood. So designate a room, other than your bedroom, to work out in. Take advantage of sunny days by bundling up and jogging or walking around your block. Jump starting your adrenaline in the morning will not only help combat the shock of cold but will also help you stay motivated throughout the day.



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