Video Games That Will Make You Sweat

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Video Games That Will Make You Sweat

Face it, exercising is easier and less painful when you’re having fun. However, it’s hard to find fun ways to exercise. Pilates and yoga help tone and strengthen the body, but these can require intense focus so sometimes it’s good to switch up the routine. If you have children, you might have a PlayStation or Nintendo Wii, but have you ever thought of playing it too?

Video games are not just for kids. They are also quite an investment, so why not get your money’s worth by playing along? For instance, play Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution for PlayStation 2 and dance away the pounds. A special Workout Mode is included in this game, which increases difficulty as you progress from song to song. Whether or not every dance step is performed perfectly, you’ll work your body hard just trying.

Sports like boxing, bowling and tennis can be played on the Wii, and with its unique controller you’ll be swinging, jabbing, blocking and weaving. This game will get you up and moving as well as tone your arms.

No longer does playing video games mean you’re a couch potato. These active games have the potential of bringing the family together, especially during the cold winter months.



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