Mind Over Matter

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Mind Over Matter

I admire people who have the strength and courage to stand up even when the world is trying to kick them down to the ground. Sometimes it’s hard to trust yourself and look within to find comfort, but we all have to do this at some points in our life whether we’re forced to or not.

I work at a hospital part-time, and every once in awhile I have an opportunity to go on the patient floor. Today I met an elderly woman who was completely independent until she rolled her car three times and ended up in the hospital with a spinal column injury. In addition to this, she has been suffering from osteoporosis, which she said is quite painful. However, regardless of the fact that one of her doctors said she had bones of an 80-year-old and that a wheelchair was advisable, she is determined to continue proving that doctor wrong. I could tell by the way she spoke about it that regardless of her outcome, she was mentally preparing to be fully functional again at the time of her discharge. Sometimes all you need is strong mental determination to get you through those tough injuries and surgeries.



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