Power of a Netti Pot: Prevent Sinus Infections

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Power of a Netti Pot: Prevent Sinus Infections

Netti pots can be an effective tool to use when you’re trying to prevent sinus infections. They look like miniature watering cans, and they’re simple to use. Some people seem to be afraid of putting water up their nose, but it helps cleanse your nostrils. By mixing salt into the water, it can also aid in killing the infection. All you have to do is remember to tilt your head in the opposite direction (if placing the netti pot into the left nostril, keep your head tilted to the right). The water will pour out of your right nostril. After you have thoroughly cleansed both sides, blow your nose a few times to ensure all of the water is out. I find that using a netti pot while in the shower is more convenient and less messy.



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