Evil Sinus Infections

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Evil Sinus Infections

It seems to be set in stone that I have a sinus infection at least once a year. The excessive use of tissues, sore nose, raw throat and pounding headache are definitely symptoms I can deal without. Unfortunately, because sinus infections are often fungal, it’s pointless to take antibiotics as it only makes it more difficult for your body to fight future infections.

Recently, I experienced the oddest sinus infection I’ve ever had. To my surprise, you can have a sinus infection on one side of your nose. The left side of my face felt sore and awkward, and I developed an enlarged lymph node on my jaw line. Fortunately, I had an acupuncture scheduled the next day so I’m feeling much better. But if you don’t have acupuncture to rely on, see my tips on how to fight and prevent sinus infections.



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