Holistic Uses for Epsom Salt

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What are a few holistic uses for Epsom salt?

Holistic Uses for Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt has been used holistically for a long time. The most common use is for sprains, strains, and sore muscles. To ease them, pour one cup to one and a half cups of Epsom Salt into a warm bath. Soak in the bath to help ease the aches and pain associated with this type of injury.

In addition, Epsom Salt is also good for helping with sore throats. Add a few tablespoons of the salt to a bit of warm water. Gargle the water and spit it out.

For beauty, add Epsom Salts to your favorite conditioner. Use them as a exfoliating scrub on dry skin.

Of course, it is important to first speak with your physician before utilizing any type of holistic or herbal routine.



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