Holistic Uses for Sage Oil

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What are a few holistic uses for sage oil?

Holistic Uses for Sage Oil

Sage oil has been used for hundreds of years to help with a wide variety of different ailments. Topically, this essential oil can be used to help disinfect cuts and heal abrasions. Sage oil can also be used to help relieve the sting of insect bites.

When ingested, Sage oil is also said to help with poor digestion. It is also sometimes used to treat menstrual and menopausal problems in women.

From an aromatherapy standpoint, Sage oil is often used to help with depression.

Sage oil does have a few side effects if ingested, including stomach discomfort in some people. Thus, many people opt for using Sage oil topically and for aromatherapy only. The related Clary Sage is often used for the same positive effects.



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