Healthy Detox

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Healthy Detox

Recently, I went on my first detox. I found the detox system at a local natural food store, and the product was designed for women. I thought it would be a relieving experience, and it did start that way.

The reason why I decided to go on a colon cleanse was because I went through a period where I was constantly eating cheese. Although cheese is a source of protein and calcium, it can also wreak havoc on your sinuses and it did mine.The first few days of the cleanse went fine, but I stopped taking the pills sooner than the box recommended. The reason being is that I found out that senna (an herb used to stimulate the colon) and psyllium can cause problems. If taken too long, senna can cause electrolyte imbalances and can even cause your colon to not function properly. On the other hand, psyllium can cause severe allergic reactions such as hives, labored breathing and other skin irritations.

Before choosing a colon cleanse, it’s important to check the ingredients. Or you can go on a more gentle cleanse by drinking more water and sometimes eating corn.



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