Set the Mood

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Set the Mood

Relaxing in your home might be hard for you to do, especially if you have children, pets, construction, noisy neighbors, etc. Sometimes you might have no choice but to go somewhere else like the park to find peace and quiet. However, on days when you can’t take off, you can set the mood in your home and meditate.

Zafu cushions (often used for yoga and meditation) or firm pillows you already have around the house can give you the support you need when sitting on the floor. You want your hips to be a little bit higher than your knees.

Also, calming music is essential, because it can focus your mind and drown out any disturbances. CDs with a collection of Buddhist bells and drums can make you feel like your not even at home.

It’s essential to take a time out even if it’s just for five minutes so you can manage your stress.



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