Weight Loss Tips That Make All the Difference

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Weight Loss Tips That Make All the Difference

If you have a goal to lose weight, you definitely need to be disciplined. To help you shed some pounds, here are a few tips to make you go “hmmm:”

1. Think realistically about the weight you want to lose, because if your hopes are too high, you run the risk of personal disappointment. This disappointment can easily lead to giving up.

2. Begin everyday with a healthy breakfast. Try Kashi’s Go Lean oatmeal, because it contains 9 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, 7 whole grains and only 6 grams of sugar. Eating in the morning helps propel your metabolism, which will help you burn fat throughout the day. If you hate eating breakfast, start with something small like fruit and work your way up to oatmeal or cereal.

3. Do not starve yourself! If you’re trying to lose weight, this is one of the worst things you can do, because you’re body will go into panic mode and start storing fat.

4. If you feel your blood sugar dropping, do not eat candy. At this point the first thing you feed your body will be stored as fat, so try eating nuts like walnuts, almonds or soy nuts to tide you over while you prepare a healthy meal.

5. Stop drinking carbonated drinks like soda, because they contain too much sugar and may cause bloating.

6. Drink water throughout the day to hydrate your body and also flush out toxins.

7. Start slow with your exercise habits. For example, use 5-pound weights first and gradually work up to 10 pounds or exercise for 20 minutes a day and then increase your time. There’s no sense in over working your body, because then you’ll have to take time out to heal your muscles.

8. When drinking fruit juice, make sure you buy 100% fruit juice. Also decrease your sugar intake by filling glasses with half juice and half water.

9. Lastly, make your meals smaller in portion. The amount of protein you consume should be about the size of your fist.

Keep these tips in mind and remember that all of your hard work will amount to a slimmer, leaner, stronger and more confident you!



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