Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Whenever someone you love goes into surgery, it can be an emotional and nerve racking time. My grandma had knee replacement surgery last week, and although the surgery went well, there were a couple complications, which I suppose occur with any major surgeries. She’s doing well now and finally in a little less pain. Currently, she has to focus on completing the daily exercises that the physical therapist ordered, but when you’re leg is swollen and sore, exercising can be challenging. However, for this type of surgery, it’s so important to follow the doctor’s orders, because if you don’t push yourself to achieve the desired range of motion, you can risk your future of going back to independence and being able to walk normally. With many surgeries such as knee replacement and even having your wisdom teeth taken out, I’ve learned that it’s imperative to keep ice packs coming to keep down the swelling. Who thought that a simple thing as regularly changing an ice pack could make a world of difference?



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