Housing Crisis Depression

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Housing Crisis Depression

Are you one of the many families facing foreclosure or eviction from your home? If so, this can be a depressing time, and it can be difficult to not let your emotions overwhelm you. You might work all day and then have to come home to pack and look for another place to live. Although you probably will have to pack and transport the last few years of your life to another location, it’s important to monitor your feelings.

Since you might be scrimping and saving for a new home, finding money for a massage is probably not an option. However, you can get a discounted massage if you see a massotherapist in training at a local massage school. An alternative is to cook a homemade dinner for a close friend in return for a 15-minute massage. This time can help you find some relief and enable you to recharge.

Also, St. John’s wort is an herbal supplement that you can start taking to temporarily treat your mild or moderate depression. Omega-3 fatty acids can also be used for depression. Sources include flaxseed, flax oil, walnuts and seafood (salmon, mackerel and herring).

It’s okay to have some depression during this rough and transitional time in your life, but if you want to come out a stronger person, you need to take care of yourself even though your well being might be the last thought on your mind.



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