Breathing: Take in All That Life Has to Offer

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Are You Taking In All Life Has to Offer?

Breathing: Take in All That Life Has to Offer

Are you breathing fully, taking in all that life has to offer? Sit down quietly and watch your breath. Notice if you breathe into your belly. If not, learn abdominal breathing. Deep abdominal breathing is our birthright. Anyone can do deep belly breathing with a few simple instructions. However, always do any new activity slowly, and if you feel uncomfortable, simply stop.

1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor and your hands on your belly.

2. Breathe in deeply letting your belly rise as air fills it.

3. As you breathe out, let your belly slowly sink down.

When you first begin, breathe in to the count of three and breathe out to the count of three. As you get more comfortable, extend the length of time you breathe in and out. There are variations to this breathing called Pranayama in yoga. If you are interested, there are many books on yogic breathing exercises. This simple exercise will increase your relaxation response.



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