At Home Stress Relievers

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At Home Stress Relievers

Face it…stress is a part of our daily lives. It might hide out for awhile, but you can be sure that it will creep up on you at the most inconvenient times. Some days you might even feel like you can’t escape, but these simple remedies outlined below can give you some relief even if you can’t leave your home.

Cup of Tea – Chamomile tea with honey or lemon is healthier for you than grabbing a beer from the fridge. If you don’t have chamomile, any tea will do. While certain teas can make you sleepy, energized or calm, a warm cup of fruit-infused tea can give you a chance to take a moment for yourself.

Aromatherapy – Essential oils or incense can help you create a peaceful environment. A few drops of lavender essential oil can be added to a hot bath, you can apply a drop to your temples. Smelling lemongrass or lavender incense can help you drift off to sleep.

Herbal Supplements – Valerian and passion flower can be taken two to three times a day to relieve anxiety and depression caused by stress.



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